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CHSN Class of 1977

Reunion CD and Photo Information

Memories - Past and Future

If you have reunion pictures to add to the CD, please pass them along.

The Reunion CD shown at the Reunion can be purchased for $5.  A listing of people who ordered and paid at the Reunion will be posted soon.  If you did not order your CD but would like to contact Jodi Lyons at 
You may view photo's taken by the Photographer by going to and typing IDEAL in the password box.  The group photo and candids are available for puchase.
Orders Taken at Reunion
Bernadette St. John
Donna Wiecke
Cheryl Snedeker
David Casesse
Delcy Ziac
Peggy Torruella
Kelly Coulter
Donna McIntosh
Michael Miele
Barbara Peragine
Cindy Stole
Jon Slater
Sharon Wolf
Merri Klar
Richard Holbrook
John Daly
Elissa Rubin
Pete Nardone
Denise Piscitelli
Maura Camizzi
Maryanne Lyons
Carrie Silver
Pat Kilgannon
JoAnne Bastone
Debbie Lucca
George McGoldrick
Jeff Cordisco
Matt Luba
Mark Castrovinci
Patrice Felicetta