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CHSN Class of 1977


For those of you who could not attend, the day began with 30 people gathering at CHSN for a tour of the school with Jim Suchy.  One word comes to mind...HOT!  The temperature was 90+ degrees outside and with the school closed it was stifling inside.  The halls were filled with memories of days gone by and we relived where we once stood, books in hand, in front of our classrooms.  Our first stop, the gym, where plaques of 1977 athletes line the far wall.  1977 may seem like a hundred years ago to the students of today but for might as well have been yesterday.
In the afternoon, at the Holiday Inn, some classmates met by the pool to get reacquainted and relax before the party while others were gathering at other various locations but by 7:30 pm nearly all arrived at Casa Mia ready to party! A large crowd gathered for the After Hours party at the Holiday Inn which went into the wee hours of the morning and about 50 people met again for breakfast on Sunday to say final goodbye's.   
List of Attendees
Amazon(Kramer) Pamela
Appleman Lori
Apuzzo Joseph
Azzolini Thomas
Bastone, Rose JoAnne, Chuck
Berkin Beth
Bertolino (Mortillaro) Michelle
Bettiol, Tukdarian Mark, Susan
Birkhead (Dusek) Barbara
Calderoni Robert
Camizzi Maura
Caselli, Landau Craig, Meg
Cassese David
Castelli Joseph
Castrovinci Mark 
Chalsen Michael
Chalsen Mitchell
Cohen (Brody) Julia
Consentino Clare
Cordisco Jeff
Costa Anthony
Coulter (Davis) Kelly
Cullinane Jeanne
Cummings Kathy
Cypes Douglas
Dale Chris 
Daly John
Damiani Joseph
Dannhauser Bill 
Davis (Blechman) Jodi
DiMare (Kramer) Donna
Emch  Brian
Felicetta (Mayo) Patrice
Frankel Judi
Frawley Brian
Fritz Billy
Frost Timothy
Gambelunghe Mike
Goldstein  Jessica
Greenspan Elise
Greig Ellen
Griffin(Maratta) Andrea
Himmelfarb Don
Holbrook Richard
Houlihan (Cokeley) Maryrose
Hughes (Della Penna) Nancine
Jones Patrick
Kasing (VanHouten) Pia
Keegan Robert
Kessler Brian
Kilgannon Patrick
Kizner Gail
Klar Merri
Knutsen (Dimick) Linda
Koblick Andrew
Koda Mark
Kolka (Richard) Colleen
Lawson Jimmy
Lenihan (Costanzo) Mona
Levine (Gromel) Robin
Leyden Robert
Lipovsky Julie
Lipschutz Mark
Lipton(Rothberg) Denise
Luba Matt
Lucca (Ross) Debbie
Lyons (Vazquez) Jodi
Lyons (Viebrock) Mary Ann
Mance Debbie
Mandelbaum Robert
Mason Karen
Matiatos Barbara
McCormick Kevin
McDaniel Robert
McGoldrick George
McIntosh (Fredricks) Donna
McLaughlin Philip
Miele Michael
Milone Robert
Murphy (Virvo) Deirdre
Nardone Pete
Nein Rick
Nesi, Spino Joe, Carolyn
Nimmo (Fuggini) Barbara
Onody Michael
Olivieri (Reynolds) Geraldine
Ostrowsky (Adelfio) Robin
Pearlstein Debi
Peragine Barbara
Pestone (Baumel) Dorothy
Piscitelli Denise
Piscitelli (Zito) Diane
Powers Rick






Rosenberg (Wallach) Irene
Rubin (Zwiebach) Elissa
Sabatino Toni
Santiago Fabian
Saposnick Sami
Schindelar Paul
Schnackengerg (Odier) Denise
Schoffelen Michael
Schultz (Chand) Marianne
Shorter Maryanne
Silver Carrie
Silver Howard
Sims John
Slater Jon
Snedeker Cheryl
Spinner (Loretoni) Susan
St. John Bernadette
Stegmann Robert
Stole Cindy
Strauss Michael
Stueck Jimmy
Tlsty Joseph
Tonelli Ginger
Torruella (Turner) Peggy
Traiger Nancy
Travaglini Thomas
Undersinger Paul
Vassallo Martin
Visoky (Roeder) Linda
Weicke(Kennedy) Donna
Weiler (Levy) Shari
Wolfe Sharon
Yagunich  Thomas
Zeikowitz Warren
Ziac (Fox) Delcy
Zucker (Malowitz) Beth
Zurla (Roeder) Tina
Suchy Jim
Barone Ann
Braia Thomas
Mentz Bill