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CHSN Class of 1977

Doc Carney - Head of Music Department


Greetings former Clarkstown graduates (North, South or “original”) –


You may be aware that I have been circulating a petition to honor the late Dr. Edward “Doc” Carney by naming the new music room at Clarkstown High School North in his honor. This past Wednesday, March 26, I received a phone call from Elizabeth VonWurmb, Fine Arts Coordinator for the Clarkstown Central School District. Her call was to inform me that the CCSD has approved the dedication of the new music room at the North High School to honor Doc Carney. The exact date of the ceremony is not yet set, but I expect it to be fairly soon, most likely before the end of the current school year.


Once the specific date and time of the ceremony are set, I will send you a follow-up email with the specifics. If the ceremony is open to the public, I hope many of Doc’s former students will attend.


I found most of your email addresses on the web site (or I have communicated with you directly in the past). I would like to ask a favor; since most of you represent your graduating class, would you kindly forward the above message to all members of your class. I would like to make as many of Doc’s former students aware of this honor.


Also, there are several graduating classes for which we have no contact information, namely: classes before 1955, as well as classes of 1961, 1963, 1964, 1972, 1973 (North and South), 1974 (North and South), 1975 (South), 1976 (South), 1978 (South), 1979 (North and South), 1980 (North and South), and 1981 North and South). If you are in contact with graduates of any of the above classes, please forward this information to them as well. Ask them if they would email me their contact information, including any class websites, so that we can update the clarkstownreunions site. Thank you!


To those of you who supported the effort to honor Doc Carney, through emails or petitions, or just agreeing with the premise, I want to say THANKS!




Harry Geist

Clarkstown Class of 1965  class website



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